How Do You Choose The Right E-Liquid For Dripping?

how to drip vape – dripping made easy

Dripping often means using weaker nicotine levels because this method gives nicotine more effectively. A strong nicotine level can be too much and may result in an uncomfortable feeling. If you are familiar with normal e-liquids, it might be good to start using less nicotine, such as 3mg or 6mg, when doing dripping.

  1. Consider the VG/PG ratio
  2. Flavor concentration
  3. Testing small quantities

Consider the VG/PG ratio

VG and PG are two things in your e-liquid that really matter for the way it drips. For dripping, it's usually better to choose a higher VG ratio when vaping because it makes thick and full clouds. Often, people pick a 70/30 mix of VG and PG, but you can change this to fit what you like.

Flavor concentration

When it comes to how to drip vape – dripping made easy, you sense every small flavor concentration. So, it's good to buy e-liquids with strong taste. Premium brands are usually known for their heavy and strong flavors, making your licking experience better. Don't worry about trying out different brands and flavors until you find the ones that make your mouth feel really good.

Testing small quantities

Before you decide to buy a big bottle, try out smaller pieces or sample packs of different e-liquids from Vape Station. Many shops that sell vapes give free samples or a small bottle so you can try different flavors and the mix of VG/PG without spending much on huge bottles of e-juice that you might not enjoy.

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