How long does e-liquid last? And do e-liquids expire?

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Vaping is a new form of smoking, which is safe for your health. For this reason, many health-conscious youngsters are giving up cigarettes and trying this new phenomenon. However, most of these youngsters have this same question and they wonder how long e-liquid last in your vape tank and do e-liquids expire.

Three factors determine how long e-liquid last and these factors are

  1. How much e-liquid do you load in your vape kit
  2. How much e-liquid do you inhale in every puff
  3. How repeatedly do you vape every day

Different vape kits are available at Vape Station with different tank capacities. If the tank capacity of your vape kit is small, then it will finish quickly and you need to load the vape kit frequently. On the other hand, a vape kit with a large tank needs to fill less frequently.

Similarly, how much e-liquid you inhale in every puff also determines how long the e-liquid will last in your vape tank. Many people love big puffs and they consume lots of inhale every time. Due to this reason, these people need to fill their vape tanks more frequently than others.

Many people use their vape device 15 to 20 times every day, while some people use it only 2 to 3 times. So, how long e-liquid last in your vape does depend on your usage habit. The more you use it every day, the more frequently you need to fill it. Generally, most e-liquids available at Vape Station come with six months shelf-life after opening.

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