Why Is My Vape Auto-Firing? Causes, Prevention Fixes

Vapes occasionally ignite before, during and after you take a puff. It could burn your tongue and lips. It will also drain your battery quickly. It may also lead to an explosion of your device. You need to understand the reason for the auto firing of vape and fix it to save your device and health.

One of the possible causes according to experts is a bad battery. A malfunctioning chip inside the battery could lead to the unintentional firing of the vape. You need to replace the battery to ensure the proper functioning of your vape pen. It is always advised to buy good quality vaping kits from Vape Station at affordable rates. 



  • A bad or damaged connection between an atomizer and the battery
  • Damaged Coil
  • Leaky tank
  • A partial charge on the battery.
  • Excessive use of the device


  • Clean the device, battery, and tanks
  • Ensure the connections are properly placed
  • Ensure the correct charging of the device for proper functioning



Change damaged parts

You need to identify damaged parts like the battery, coil, atomizer, charger, and tank in your vaping kit and buy genuine parts at affordable rates from Vape Station. You can read the instruction manual and ensure proper fixing and replacement to avoid the automatic firing of the device.


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