Payment And Failed Transactions



VAPE STATION accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All payment information must be matched with the correct billing address that is on file with the appropriate credit card provider.

Many things can cause a credit or debit card transaction to fail. Typos and incorrect billing information are common causes. (Particularly, with debit cards, funds are held when a transaction is attempted by the card-issuing bank. In the case of a failed transaction, it may take several days [7 to 10 on average] for those funds to be released back to your account. Please, be sure all information is exactly as it appears on your bank statement to avoid held funds.)

Declined transactions are normally caused by the following reasons: AVS Failure/Mismatch, CC Mismatch, Card Issuer Declined transaction. (In the case of a declined transaction, please, contact your bank in regard to allocating any missing funds. In regard to declined transactions or more specifically, why the transaction was declined, according to our merchant services system, you may contact us via email at: