Coolplay Q3 Heating Device 900mAh
Coolplay Q3 Heating Device 900mAh
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Coolplay Q3 Heating Device 900mAh

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Coolplay Q3 Kit is a Heat Not Burn device of your dreams. The new Q3 model is very similar to IQOS Multi. It is made of quality fireproof PEEK material and top platinum coating, which is very light and strong. Coolplay Q3 heating device features ergonomics arc, adopts 4D cutting technology, provides delicate and comfortable holding. Unique matt and shine on 1 metal body, elegant wherever you are. Provide four composite colors, trendy & simple. The built-in 900mAh high power battery will provide the kit with energy for a whole day.

1. Perfect Heat Not Burn device for tobacco stick
2. Slim and compact, only a lighter size
3. Unique matt and shine on the metal body
4. 900mAh high power battery
5. Top platinum coating heater
6. Military industry quality ceramic heating
7. Good for 15 tobacco sticks by 1 single charge
8. AI chipset inside for precise temp control
9. The taste of traditional cigarettes

Technical Data:
Size: 93.9mm x 21.7mm x 16.6mm
Body material: Aluminum
Battery capacity: 900mAh
Charging port: Micro USB
Charging time: Within 1h
Charging current: 5V/0.8A
Heat element: Ceramic
Tobacco stick: IQOS compatible
Number of puffs: 14
Number of cigarettes: 14~15cigarettes
Smoking time: 5min
Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Tarnish

Package Includes:
1 x Coolplay Q3 HNB Device
1 x Warranty card
1 x Manual
1 x Storage bag
1 x Cable
1 x Brush
5 x Cotton swab

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