Why Follow New Vaping Etiquettes In 2024?


Vaping isn't exactly getting a gold star in the media frenzy of 2024. Nowadays, vaping and smoking are getting lumped together as things that are "bad for society." So, should vaping be treated the same as smoking? 

Even though experts say vaping is way less risky than smoking, folks who've used vapes to kick the cigarette habit are facing some questions about their vaping habits. Vaping isn't everyone's jam, and a lot of vapers get that. That's why vaping manners and smoking manners often go hand in hand. 

  1. Vaping indoors
  2. Ask before vaping
  3. No vaping in front of kids

Vaping indoors

Vaping indoors is the hottest topic in Vaping Etiquette right now. It's a bit of a tricky one with a few different answers depending on where you are. Usually, vaping manners kick in where there are smoking bans, like bars, cafes, and restaurants. Here's the thing: vapor can kind of look like smoke, and that might freak some folks out. 

Ask before vaping

The aroma of vape juice and its flavorings might bug people around you. Plus, some folks are super sensitive to smells; they don't just get annoyed, they get pounding headaches or migraines. In places where folks are chowing down, vaping is a no-go. Follow the rules of Vape Station wherever you're hanging out, and if you're not sure, just ask.

No vaping in front of kids

And remember, if there are babies or little ones around, it's best to steer clear. It's not even about vaping manners at this point. Trying to calm down a parent by throwing out some half-remembered study about second-hand vapor not being harmful won't fly.

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