Should I Use High or Low Resistance Coils?

Should I Use High or Low Resistance Coils?


Young people prefer disposable e-cigarettes compared to traditional and harmful tobacco cigarettes. Apart from choosing fruit-based flavors and reduced nicotine content options, the devices also play an important role in satisfying your love for healthy smoking. It ensures more puffs with less harshness on your throat.


Vaping Coils


The heating coil is an important part of any vaping device. It perfectly fits inside your Vaping Device offered by VAPE STATION. The coil consists of flammable material around it to produce the vapor by heating the e-liquid. It draws the power from the battery in your device for its operation.


Coil resistance plays an essential role in vaping. It reduces the current and ensures safe operation to provide vapor. The resistance of the coil is decided by two factors: 


  • The material used for making the coil
  • The number of turns

Vaping is classified into Sub Ohm and Plus Ohm based on the resistance value, which decides the vape juice’s warmth, clouds, and flavor. Experienced users intend to make their coils to tailor their vaping experience. Ohm meter can be used to measure the resistance of the vaping coil. 


Low resistance vs high resistance coils


VAPE STATION offers sub ohm coils having a resistance of less than one ohm. Sub ohm coils are used in advanced vaping kits to create more vapor and improve the enjoyment of smokers. It provides a challenge for the new users with a dry kick. 


The disadvantages of low resistance coils include quick use of the e-liquids and draining of the battery. The users who are new to vaping need to choose high resistance coils or Plus Ohm devices to enjoy vaping and ensure using the e-liquid for a longer duration. 



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